• Gym and Class Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Day Pass
  • Plus various Boxing Membership options…

Gym and Class Membership – £24.95 p/month
Our Gym and Class membership is our full adult membership.

Student Membership – £19.95 p/month
Our student membership is age specific (13-16 years) and restricts access to the gym to certain times.

Day Pass – £10.00 p/day
A ‘Day Pass’ allows someone to access the gym and/or take a class, you can see how you get on before to you purchase a full membership or an existing member might wish to bring a friend occasionally.

Register using the FitSense by Clubwise smartphone app, use the code 26236 to select the Loft at Burnham, select your preferred membership and use the QR Code to enter the gym on your next visit.

Please note:

  • You may need to delete and then reinstall the FitSense by Clubwise app if it is already on your smartphone, before attempting to register for The Loft at Burnham.
  • Remember to select ‘Join a club’ (not Member sign in)
  • During registration – Press on the highlighted boxes and use your finger to sign your name and write the answers Yes and No, then select Done in the top right corner of the window when completing the Heathcare Questionnaire form.
  • If you wish to either FREEZE or CANCEL your membership please contact us first before cancelling your automated payment method (Direct Debit etc).

Need help registering?

1. To start with download the FitSense by Clubwise mobile app from your usual app store.

2. Once installed, open the app and select Join a club.

3. Enter the code 26236 to select The Loft at Burnham

4. You’ll be asked to confirm that you have the correct gym, select continue.

5. You are then presented with different gym memberships, select one.

6. If you’ve been given a Promo Code, enter it on the next page if applicable.

7. Next select a start date and a billing date and enter your personal details.

8. Then you’ll be asked to enter your bank details for the direct debit.

9. Once the automated approval process is complete you’ll see a form with highlighted boxes.

10. Don’t worry, you can ‘pinch n zoom’ to make the writing larger and you’ll receive these pages via email once the registration is complete.

11. Tap these highlighted boxes with your finger. Initially you’ll be asked to provide a hand-written signature which is then stored as part of the form.

12. Then you simply add responses such as Yes and No to the same list of responses by pressing the + in the top right hand corner.

13. Your application is then confirmed once the form is completed and you’ll see a home page consisting of colours icons (pictures) to help you navigate the app.

14. Take a look around and use the QR to enter the gym on your next visit.