NEW – Boxing Membership Options, with dedicated boxing classes

NEW – Saturday Fitness Class with Marlon
23 May 2024

We’ve introduced a variety of Boxing Membership Options, with dedicated boxing classes. These Boxing Memberships are for people who wish to get fit and learn the basics of boxing. Helping individuals develop their skills, increase fitness and stamina.

The LaB is NOT a Boxing Club. This is not an enironment for professionals or experienced fighters and we will never host fights or boxing related events. If you wish to get fit while learning the boxing basics then please read on…

Our boxing classes provide specialist coaching for adults and children within a safe and secure environment. Sessions are run within the Lab’s studio room which contains a boxing ring, punch bags and all the additional equipment a novice might need to increase stamina, improve fitness and develop skills. Classes are every Wednesday and Friday evening and it’s members only, no walk ins.

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